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Thank you Robert Paul

April 14th, 2009 by

Today is Tuesday April 14th.  It’s the kind of day where one wakes up to rain and isn’t sad.  The kind of day where the wind is musical and flowers bloom the color of joy.  I think about the things I am grateful for.  They are numerous.  My daughter is supposed to be asleep.  Instead, she’s playing with her baby doll and plinking away on a toy piano.  She talks throughout these activities.  I think she’s alone though it occurs to me I can’t really know that.  She could have anyone at all with her like her grandaddy or great grandmother.  Maybe our dearly departed and much missed Sydney.  The thing is she’s doing what comes naturally to her.  And I, her mother, am breathing that in.  I’m learning from the unselfconscious wisdom of my child.  That is something to be grateful for.  So thank you Robert Paul.  I couldn’t have had her without you.  God bless you both.robfrancesbeach1

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