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July 28th, 2009 by

So here it is…  my first post.  The one before it, dated April 14, was written during an early test run.  It just goes to show how long it’s taken to put this itty bitty blog together.  Byron Katie says, “Nothing before its time.”  When I heard that, during her 9 day school, I remember thinking nice bumper sticker. But it stuck with me and the more I walked with it, the more truth I saw in it.  Now it just seems obvious to me.

That said, this blog would never have its time, if it weren’t for two marvelous fellows.  They’re pretty geeky and I love’em both with all my heart.  So Rob and Corey, thank you and god bless you both.  This blog’s for you.thankufeather

  1. Rpj says:

    Our part was fun… And now we get to sit back and reap our reward with the rest of the world. We look forward to the journey…

  2. Corey B says:

    word. nice to see you writing it all out there. good stuff fo sho. :)