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August 5th, 2009 by

So I’m driving in my car, listening to the radio.  I am just kinda flicking around some different stations until I land on one: 95.7 BEN fm.  It’s playing the pop song Calling All Angels by the band Train.  That’s not a song that I particularly groove to, but I find myself listening anyway.  There’s a lyric that goes I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup. That REALLY catches my attention.  Drowning in a sea spilled from a paper cup. I’m not sure what the intention of that line is meant to be, but, what I hear in it, is how the littlest “spill” can be blown out of proportion, until it feels as overwhelming and all-consuming as the sea.

I notice how sometimes my reactions to things are so much bigger than the things themselves.  Like the story I can go into over a money concern that leaves me on a dirty sidewalk shoveling tuna from a tin can.  When did my fear get so powerful?

The other thing I notice, is that the love and blessings, given to us each and every day, can remain in a cup because that’s what we’re believing their size to be.  If only we’d get a little messy, allow ourselves to be a little less in control, then that “cup” could actually spill, revealing its deeper truth as a fathomless sea.  That’s what the 23rd psalm means to me.  “My cup runneth over…” is a direct awareness of the dazzling – above and beyond – beauty, grace and blessings that abound.

I’m learning to stay in the moment.  So now, before I simply rant and rave because something spilled, I’m taking the opportunity to look deeper and see what’s really being revealed.

  1. Kevin Rey says:


    Incredible and how poignant. This is so true to form, thank you I will certainly share this.

    Hope all is well