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after the rain

September 27th, 2009 by

Looking out a window this afternoon, I saw what looked like little fireflies, flickering their lights in the branches of a tree.  I kept staring trying to understand how firefly light could be seen in daylight.  A part of me knew they weren’t fireflies because the light in the trees was colored at times.  There’d be blue, yellow, purple, green and even red.  It was so magical.

I called to Rob so he’d see it, too.  “That’s light reflecting the water in the tree from the rain this morning,” he tells me.  Apparently, because the sun came out so quickly after this afternoon’s rain and we were standing at a good angle for looking up into the branches, we could observe this twinkling show.  It completely captivated me.  Imagine that, Christmas in September.

For a moment, I am reminded of the “rain” in my life, the things I complain about or feel victimized by.  This afternoon though, something shifts, and gratitude flows through me.  The rain brings gifts.   And, when I’m not too busy focusing on the negative, I can experience that rainbow.

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