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September 3rd, 2009 by

So I was writing an email today about the importance of the arts.  The following just pretty much came through me:

And for me, it is through the arts that I come
home to my true self.  Unlike so many of the
things in our culture today which demand
results (buy this, be this, drink and eat this etc..),
the arts have taught me to embrace the process
of life as it unfolds, to lean into and be deepened
by the mystery.  Ernest Hemingway wrote in his
novel, A Farewell to Arms, “The world breaks
everyone and afterward, some are strong at
the broken places
Art got me strong in my
broken places.  The act of creating helps me
make sense of the senseless and dream a bigger
dream for myself and the world.

The artist is, I believe, a miracle worker, not
geared towards fighting the world as it is but
creating the world as it could be.

The arts cannot be viewed as a hobby for our
children, something “fun” but not necessary.
On the contrary, I believe the arts are essential
to the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual
growth and health of all of us.  Imagine a world
without singing, dancing, music, or storytelling.
It is the world of the walking dead.  Our souls
need art as much as our lungs need air.
It is who we are, who we have been, and who we
can become.

  1. winky lewis says:

    LOVE this, ashley. xxoo, w.

  2. Annkatrine says:

    love you ash! being in touch with yourself and bringing it to us: what a gift!