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fierce embrace

September 24th, 2009 by

Last night I gave a talk entitled That Fierce Embrace: My Journey with Mental Illness and Mysticism.  To those of you who came: thank you.  To those of you who couldn’t be there and wrote/called/sent light and prayers: thank you.  14 years in the making that evening was, and it sure felt good to sit on that stage and look out at all of you.  I want to write something beautiful and profound about the experience.  Perhaps in time I will.  For now, a heartfelt, clear-eyed thank you is all that wants to come through.  That and a Shawn Colvin lyric: I was born to be telling this story…ashfierceembrace

  1. LMR says:

    A moving and beautiful testimony to who you are and have become. Your courageous and personal sharing moved an entire theatre where there was not a sound during your “conversation” with us all. Your family is so proud and strangers lingered to talk, amazed by your poise, beauty and heartfelt remarks.Your story is a miracle and I am sure you will be an important catalyst in helping others live into their “stories.” You are a gift and an inspiration to all who know you.

  2. winky lewis says:

    look forward to hearing more about this, ash. i picked up something for you the other day…need to get it in the mail. xxoo, w.