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poetry of the body

September 8th, 2009 by

While doing Pilates today, my teacher, Susan, expressed her concern for my poor, badly-bitten, mosquito-munched legs.  The worst sore is around my ankle and pretty infected.  Kinda gross, I know, but there it is.  Then Susan says to me, “And you know, the further something is from the heart, the longer it takes to heal.”  BAM.  She was talking about the physiology of the body and the simple truth that the further any area is from the coronary artery, the weaker the blood flow.  For me though, the poetry of this simple metaphor electrified me.  The further something is from our heart the harder it is to heal.  YES.  Enough trying to think our way through pain.  Enough trying to rationalize it.  If we want an explanation of our emotional pain, we can try therapy.  But if we want to heal and move on, we gotta bring our heart and its medicine to the wound.

Native American wisdom recognizes the power of presence and heart so beautifully.  When we bring those aspects of the self (and really, aren’t they the true self?)  to any situation, we are said to be “full of medicine”.  Never underestimate you or your body’s ability to heal.  We are miracle workers.  Oh yes we are.

  1. winky lewis says:

    ash, thank you! keep posting these meditations. love this and just forwarded it to a friend who is healing… xxoo, w.

  2. LMR says:


    Each of your entries is a precious gift, full of wisdom and great insight.Thank you for such deep sharing from your heart and know you are a blessing to me and to many.