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the “ahhh”s have it

January 13th, 2010 by

here’s something i scribbled out August 16, 2009 while on vacation in the Long Island Sound.

Went to church this morning with Rob and Gates.  While they were getting dressed, I sat in the living room and looked out over the sea.  It was so calm, and like baby’s skin, beckoned to be touched.  A gossamer glaze, effortlessly embodying the stillness the Buddha touted.  To see our true reflection, he understood the mind must be still.

I notice that my mind can be quite “stormy”.  Lots of bluster blowing confused thoughts about, but the calm -the path home to the peace – begins with awareness and acceptance of the storm.  Denial of bad weather just creates heavier rains, gustier winds and rougher seas.  When we say YES to the storm and open to it, it opens us.  Suddenly our story that it’s too rough or too wild transforms to a deeper truth: it’s too beautiful.  And to love the storm from the peaceful center within is to love life, to love art, to love what is, and has been created.

It also, for me,  puts the  “ahhh” in Hallelujah.

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