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out of the mouths of my babe

February 3rd, 2010 by

“It’s a really special occasion, every day I’m alive.”

Our son, Gates, said this over dinner tonight.  He was making a joke about how his babysitter only gave him chocolate milk on really special occasions.  Apparently he wanted milk more often.  What astounded was the effortless way in which a simple, powerful truth tapped me on the shoulder and waved, bringing with it a tsunami of joy.  I’m still catching my breath.

To some it may sound like I’m exaggerating.  I am not.  Maybe it comes with age, maybe with experience.  I don’t know, but life is good.  More accurately, life dazzles.  Sure, there are challenges.  Yes, we are sometimes asked to grow in ways we’d rather not.  But HELLO have we noticed the geese soaring across the fields.  Have we been catching snowflakes on our tongues?  Did we sing in our car today – I mean really SING?

It’s a really special occasion every day you’re alive.

I’m going to toast that truth with a glass of chocolate milk.  Salute, Bonzai, and thank you, Gates.

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