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March 5th, 2010 by

Driving with Gates to a swim lesson this afternoon, I noticed a skeletal tree basking in sunlight.  As we zipped by, I pointed it out and offered, “trees can be so beautiful even without their leaves.”  I really believe that and that poetic truth has stayed with me all evening.  In autumn I’m one of the first to ooh and awe over the brightly colored leaves, but I never gave the winter tree much thought.  If anything, I felt a little sorry for it looking so bare and arthritic.

Today I saw a tree in a different light (pun intended) and it’s courage, vulnerability, and grace have inspired me.  I’m going to spend less time with magazines touting the latest anti-aging products and more time in the presence of those who really have something to teach: trees.  Like Rickie Lee says, this thing that makes you beautiful never comes out of a jar.

  1. Hi Ashley:
    I am so glad i stumbled onto our site and gratified that there are more and more people who get “it”.
    Keep on spreading the good news!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    I LOVE your website and your blog. This post about trees touches my heart. I seem to have developed a special bond with trees. It was a dream about a tree that got me started doing dream work which has been transforming for me. The other day, I had an amazing experience where I was gazing at the reflection of the sun as it was setting on the river. The trees that framed the reflected sun became luminous. You can see more details on latest post on my blog Thanks again for what you have shared on your beautiful website. I will keep checking back.