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May 24th, 2010 by

The other day my friend, Chris, walked into Frances’ room to give her a little gift.  Frances was supposed to be having “quiet time” (cue laughter).  Chris tells me that as she was opening the door, Frances, who’d been rolling around on the floor humming to herself, sat bolt upright, spit something out of her mouth, and promptly rolled it up into the folds of her t-shirt.  Chris asked her what she’d had in her mouth.  Frances just smiled.  When she jumped to her feet, a nickel fell from her shirt.  And then another one.

Apparently, while many of us resist and fear change, our daughter delights in it.  In fact she likes to eat it, as if somehow nourished by change.  Tickled, really.  She actively seeks it out.  How’s that for some poetry.  Kinda gross maybe, but for this mom it’s also super cool.

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