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May 25th, 2010 by

In response to my last post, a friend emailed and asked, “We resist change?  Isn’t that just being cautious and sometimes responsible?”  Here’s what I emailed back.  (He told me “cut and paste.”  So I did.)

Excellent question.

Resisting change is simply arguing with reality.
It’s our insistence that something that happened
shouldn’t have.  As long as we fixate on our belief
that it shouldn’t have happened, we remain stuck
in the past.  Focused there.  We become unwilling
or afraid to change in the way deep inside we know
we are being called to.

Change is dependable.  We can rely on it.
The Buddhists remind us that Nothing is permanent.
The ground beneath our feet is always shifting.
The question is can we become relaxed and peaceful
in the presence of continual change?
We can’t hold water
and yet that’s exactly what so many of us try to do.

We want an absolute.  Something we can trust.
Something solid.  In my experience, that can only
be ourselves.  With practice, we can return to our
true self, our deepest and most authentic self.
We can live out of that space and know that no matter
what unfolds in our story, we’ll respond to it from
a place of indestructible vulnerability and love.
That’s the rock that makes us all whole.

  1. Jenni says:

    This is a fabulous post and is so true – as all of your posts are. What is most intriguing to me is that you posted it on the day that my son (and first child) was born. You write about Change and the dependability of Change. I can’t think of better subject matter – and a reminder – for a new parent on the day of their child’s birth. Thanks for this!