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love the one you’re with

June 2nd, 2010 by

A friend and I were writing each other about falling in love.  Here’s what I offered:

here’s the thing, when we fall in love
we fall hard.  it’s big and beautiful and
we see things like great grandkids.  every
moment is full of symbols and fireworks
from the divine.  it’s alive and electric and
we crave it like water.

it makes for great storytelling and imbues
life with a deep meaning and kickass joy.
so here’s the thing:

the trick is to find that within first.
i know it’s not sexy (though it can be – hello!)
but first fall in love with yourself and life.
get really clear within about what makes
you so special, beautiful, talented, wise,
kind, creative, and powerful.

an amazing spiritual teacher once said,
“Who you are seeking is who is seeking”.
just sit with that, breathe it in and watch
your whole world change.

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