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June 28th, 2011 by

Let’s let go of time as a linear construct. It isn’t. On some level deep within, we already know this. Time moves in circles, waves, it freezes, races, skips, and repeats.   The child not yet born holds time in her unthinkably small fingers.  Time is a friend, a warrior, a poet, a loner, a myth, a dream, a vivid hallucination of an eternally drunk man – all these things and none of them at all.  Therein lies our freedom.  Time is whatever we believe it to be, nothing more.  Nothing less.

Who is Time in your life?  Take a moment to know and understand that you have the power to continue that relationship or change it.  For many years, time bedeviled me.  Now I embrace that coyote trickster, that strange teacher, that miraculous gift.  Without time, there’s no story.  Love the story, love time.  Welcome home.

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