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holy hook-up

July 4th, 2011 by

Near the end of her farewell season, Oprah did a final show of “Harpo Hook-Ups”.  (Examples of her famous hook-ups include Justin Timberlake making a wedding video for a fan, Cher inviting one of her biggest fans and his boyfriend to Vegas for a concert, and gifting one of Oprah’s ultimate viewers – who wasn’t eligible for her Favorite Things show because he was only 17 – a few of her favorite things including a brand new, cherry red VW bug.)

One of the hook-ups resulted from a letter Oprah received from James Hill, who wanted her to “hook up” his best friend, Ron Brown, a huge sports fan. Apparently Ron’s dream was to be a reporter on SportsCenter. First Oprah arranged for Ron to interview Chicago Bulls MVP Derrick Rose, outside the locker room after a big game, and then arranged for him to report on SportsCenter the next day.

Here’s what really caught my attention….

When Oprah asked James Hill what it was like to see his best friend, a Walgreens employee on SportsCenter, James responded,

“Seeing his dream come true is a dream come true for me.”

In that revelatory moment, I realized that that really is what it’s all about it. We’re all connected. When our best friend’s dream comes true so does one of ours. Let’s be sure we’re celebrating that. When something wonderful happens to someone you know, don’t go to that jealous, frustrated, what-about-me place. Embrace them – literally or figuratively – and give the universe a big, cosmic high five.

We get so down on the world. We talk about how crazy it is. We proffer tons of evidence: wars, poverty, pollution, crime, the economy etc… and still the sun rises, our children laugh, rain falls, the moon shines, songs are sung, waves are surfed, hugs are received. Let’s not miss the dreams that do come true, every day.

We ought to talk about our dreams more. Let’s focus on what can inspire not defeat us. Ask a friend to share 3 of their dreams with you. Write them down. Hold that space where you both can feel the dream as a reality. Revel in it. Then, if you really want to experience grace, ask the universe how you can help make your friends dream come true. The guidance will be given. It always is. Follow it you, dream-maker, you. Hook it up.

  1. Kevin says:

    Great words Ashley great words

  2. Inspiring and beautiful as always, Ashley. I wish I could make my friends and clients dreams come true in a blink. It takes time, but with focus and perseverance those dreams or even better ones always come. Thanks for the reminder.