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Easter Reflection

April 1st, 2013 by

Nowadays when someone says or does something with precision, we often verbally applaud with the phrase: you nailed it.  The photograph taken at just the right time, the acting performance bar none, the three pointer swish – each of these heralded by a high-five and an exuberant YOU NAILED IT.

But on this Easter Sunday, I’m reflecting back to a time when we nailed something that symbolized the illusion of celebration and the reality of suffering.  Not everyone cheered when Jesus was crucified but many did.  They tried to kill something they feared, something that scared them, something – in that moment – unrecognizable.


But what no one realized was one simple, timeless truth:
Love never dies.  And the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection quietly assure us of this.  Every time.  One cannot truly enter Jesus’ story without tasting the power of forgiveness, the grace of mercy, the gift of presence, and the undeniable mystery and wonder at the heart of every miraculous moment.  Savor that in communion.

And chew on this, if you’re ready…

We think we’re eliminating the source of our problem when we massacre, maim, shoot, punch, verbally slap, berate, belittle, condemn, and judge one another, but what we’re actually trying to extinguish is the white hot shame, pain, terror, and agony within us.  The target is an internal one and that’s why we never hit it.  It’s never nailed.

Outside dark clouds gather as distant thunder rolls.  I’m asking myself what, where, when, and whom have I attacked in my own life.  What are my fearful thoughts and behavior attempting to destroy?  And, the even bigger question: Is my love able to vanquish and transcend that?  

Lightening flashes.

I breathe deeply, letting gratitude and joy flow like rain.  I’m answering with a full-hearted, forgiving, and fierce Yes – that nails it every time.

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