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Taster’s Choice

July 27th, 2015 by

Rob and I flew down to Mexico for a weekend this past winter to celebrate a wedding on the Mayan Riviera. The hotel was small (about 50 rooms) and beautifully decorated with thatched roofs, outdoor showers, personal hammocks, and individual plunge pools for each guest room. I was in heaven.

An older-ish couple wandered over to check out the outdoor pool and beach patio where Rob and I were finishing lunch. We struck up a conversation in which the gentleman shared his preference for his hotel next door (about 500 rooms). I like all the glitz and chrome, he explained. This place here is too earthy.

What struck me is the power and clarity of taste. We like something or we don’t. There’s no guesswork. Increasingly we live in a world where there are waaaay too many choices: jeans to juice, cereals to television channels, activities for our kids etc… It’s a bit crazy-making and yet to return to the clarity of knowing. The simple glitz vs. earth. Strip it down to the essence.

What do you prefer?  Maybe you love it all and can’t decide. Look deeper. The truth is just waiting to be noticed.

Me and Jose (a Mayan Shaman)


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