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tragedy in norway

August 8th, 2011 by

Much will be written about the tragedy in Norway. Some will say the gunman was crazy. Others will reveal how calculating he was. Many will lament the day a country’s heart was broken (once again) witnessing the massacre of her children. At the heart of this story flesh and blood heroes continue to emerge. Men and women who could’ve stayed a safe distance away from the chaotic nightmare instead sped straight into it, saving many, many lives in the process.

One story in particular caught my attention.

A survivor shared on NPR how he’d watched one of the teenage girls who’d been shot, look at her friends, and tell them, “You are so beautiful. I can tell by your faces that I’m going to die, and you are so beautiful.” Apparently the young girl just kept murmuring those words.  The man never saw her again. He doesn’t know if she lived or died.

All I know is that the child uttering those words radiated presence and fearlessness. No bullet can harm that light. Not now, not ever. Of that, I’m sure.

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mad about you

July 13th, 2011 by

What to do when you are angry with those you love most? This question was asked of me recently.  Here’s how I answer: Most important is becoming aware that my anger is the direct result of the thoughts I am believing, in that moment.  My loved one isn’t making me angry.  My thoughts about my […] ... Read More

holy hook-up

July 4th, 2011 by

Near the end of her farewell season, Oprah did a final show of “Harpo Hook-Ups”.  (Examples of her famous hook-ups include Justin Timberlake making a wedding video for a fan, Cher inviting one of her biggest fans and his boyfriend to Vegas for a concert, and gifting one of Oprah’s ultimate viewers – who wasn’t […] ... Read More

on my side now

June 28th, 2011 by

Let’s let go of time as a linear construct. It isn’t. On some level deep within, we already know this. Time moves in circles, waves, it freezes, races, skips, and repeats.   The child not yet born holds time in her unthinkably small fingers.  Time is a friend, a warrior, a poet, a loner, a […] ... Read More

the love and hope you have been waiting for

June 21st, 2011 by

A reader wrote in . . . Something led me here – I have lost the will to go on. I feel lost and terribly depressed and I feel like I need to be in a facility but don’t have the money. Your story made me cry – I have been waiting for someone to […] ... Read More

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