FYI: What others have said…

“Ashley Jansen is not only one of the best master life coaches I’ve ever met, but one of the best human beings. Deeply kind, wise, and joyful, Ashley will go wherever it takes to find your lost self and bring it into the light. She’ll calm you down, cheer you up, and send you forward so gently you’ll hardly notice how powerful her work really is. Ashley is someone I turn to for coaching when I need it, and I’m always very glad I did. If you sign on as one of her clients, I have just one word for you: Congratulations.”
– Martha Beck, Ph.D. – New York Times Best-Selling Author
and Monthly Columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine


“Ashley Jansen is a uniquely gifted woman, artist and mentor. She works with extraordinary patience and gentleness. She is able to pinpoint a negative tangle and go to the heart of it, sense the pulse and origin of it, and articulate a question or series of questions that lead to healing and revelation on the part of her students.”
– Gerald Freedman, University of North Carolina School of the Arts,
Dean of the School of Drama (1992-2012)


“Over the years I have had the great pleasure of working with Ashley as a coach. The work we have done together has been nothing short of life altering. There is a wisdom, strength and generosity of spirit in her practice that makes change seem not only possible but inevitable. She has an uncanny way of shining a graceful light at the challenges of life, and she possesses the tools to turn these challenges into opportunity. One could not ask for a better guide to unlock the miracles we all have within us.”
– John Langs, Theatre Director and colleague


“When my world seems hopeless, I call Ashley. She opens my eyes to the love and joy inside me, and the possibilities of my life in each moment. How grateful I am!”
– Client from New York