How: Go deep and work with Ashley

going deeper . . .

Inside every human being lives the power, peace, and
divine spark necessary to create a life of purposeful joy.
By learning some basic tools, clients free themselves
from the mental chains of fear, anxiety, resentment,
jealousy, loss, lack of purpose, and stress.

By paying attention to ourselves – body, mind,
and soul – enlightenment breaks over us,
bringing with it a freedom we feel in our bones.


To schedule an initial consultation or for more information please contact Ashley at:


You have the option of working with Ashley by phone, in person or through email. The standard rate is $180 for a one hour session. Exceptions may be made based on need.

Clients may use the PayPal link below for convenience.

Soul divers, LLC: 222 Glenrose Road, Coatesville, PA 19320